Graphic Design

Does your logo stand out and create the impact you desire for your consumers?  What does your color scheme say about your business? Design concepts are one of the most important elements when it comes to your company’s marketing.  Logo and color schemes are a few examples of how design influences your message.  Think of those iconic logos which make us feel something more than “it’s just a business.”  We tie memories and feelings to the icons we grew up seeing, and some that are still around today.  If you’re looking to have this long-lasting effect on your consumers, Graphix Solution is ready to get started on your business’s Graphic Design in Durham, NC.

Our experienced team will assist you in creating a design package to help you achieve the professional look and feel you desire.  From your exterior signage, to thank-you cards you send your clientele.  Graphix Solution will develop a professional message to help you stand out amongst your competition.

  • Logo Design
  • Corporate / Company Branding Packages
  • Marketing Material Design
  • Design Build Packages